Moving Cities
Add your City

Add your City

1. Put your city on the map:

Is your city taking a progressive approach to migration policy? Has it developed new ideas to assure safe arrival for refugees? Or is it actively lobbying to receive additional refugees? Let us know so we can put your city on the map!

We need the following information:

  • What exactly is your city doing to improve the situation of refugees?

  • In which areas is your city particularly active (political participation of migrants and refugees, guaranteed right of residence, inclusion, access to health care, housing, etc.)?

  • Has your city declared itself a “Safe Haven”, “Solidarity City”, “City of Refugees”, or similar?

  • Is your city committed to a human rights-based and solidarity-based migration policy on a national and European level?

You think your city should do more? Make your city a city of solidarity!

Step 1: Networking and finding allies

Network with other actors in your city, such as church congregations, housing associations and other initiatives. Join forces in a broad coalition and make your collective demands on the city.

Step 2: Present your demands to the city council

Your demands (of your municipality to advocate on multiple levels for better living conditions for refugees or to actively declare itself a city of solidarity) must make it onto the agenda of your city/local council so that it can be voted on. Bring a motion to the city council with your demands!

Step 3: Ensure the necessary majority!

Only motions or draft resolutions that receive a simple majority of votes in a council vote after deliberation will be adopted and considered legally binding. For this to happen, you must exert political pressure on council members to vote in favour of the motion. There are no limits to your creativity. The important thing is to create as much publicity and attention as possible!

For example, you could:

  • Collect signatures from citizens in your community to show councillors that their constituents support the motion and expect them to vote accordingly.

  • Talk to journalists to get them to cover the motion and your demands in the local press.

  • Write an open letter to the mayor in which you make your demands clear. Or use the drop-in surgeries for citizens that most mayors offer regularly.

  • Talk to undecided councillors to convince them to vote in favour of the motion. Send letters to councillors and political groups.

  • Organise demos and rallies. The more people who take to the streets and show that they want to live in a municipality that is a Safe Haven, the better! That’s why you should organise demos and rallies in front of your city hall and demand that the city government take responsibility.

  • Organise events. Hang banners showing your demands, organise a flash mob, a meeting of citizens, a vigil, or something similar. Lectures or panel discussions (for example, with people with experience as refugees or as activists) will help to bring your concerns to a broad public.

  • Rally the support and collaboration of other civil society actors, such as churches, trade unions, organisations, initiatives and associations working in the area of refugee support, etc., in order to give your demands even more weight.