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Montreuil“Unconditional access” to rights and services for all residents

What is inspiring?

Montreuil has moved away from its hitherto “ad hoc” approach that only allowed limited access to services for migrants, striving instead for an insistence on “unconditional access” to rights and services for all residents. This more comprehensive approach has led to the integration of different services in the areas of economic and cultural inclusion, as well as legal assistance.


Service Lutte contre les discriminations et intégration (Department of Anti-discrimination and Integration of the Municipality of Montreuil) E-Mail:

Grdr Migration-Citoyenneté-Développement, Programme de promotion socio-professionnelle des migrants (Occupational support programme for migrants) E-Mail: (‘Integration Project Manager')

La Ruch Incubateur THSN Montreuil E-Mail:

How does inclusion through culture work?

The city offers numerous cultural opportunities for migrants as a way of facilitating inclusion. Over the years the city, through its service “Lutte contre les discriminations et intégration” (Fight against discrimination and integration service), has established a network of services offered to foreign residents and asylum seekers. These include literacy and writing courses, legal and administrative support, recreation rooms and social housing. In addition, this municipal service also carries out preventive measures in the fight against discrimination, organises “diversity cafés”, sociocultural projects with workshops for learning French and activities within the framework of the “Anti-Racism Education Week”.

How does economic inclusion work?

The “Migrants’ Socio-Professional Advancement Programme” offers three cycles of training aimed at associations and individual project leaders on the themes of employment, income-generating activities and discrimination on the labour market. Under the umbrella of ANVITA and together with the La Ruche association and The Human Safety Net Foundation, Montreuil has developed good practices in supporting migrant-led projects in companies and local associations. The “La Ruche incubateur” offers spaces for co-working, workshops, individual supervision and mentoring and networking with a group of experts.

How is Montreuil improving migrants’ access to rights?

In collaboration with associations for the protection of foreign residents’ rights, the city of Montreuil hosts two PADs (points of access to rights), reopened and operational today following the pandemic crisis. Services on offer include “victim support”, general support with the help of a ‘defender’ of and expert on the law concerning foreigners, in order to offer support to asylum seekers and victims of violence.

What is new in 2023?

Montreuil is stepping up its efforts to combat racism and discrimination. In March 2023, the city of Montreuil, together with MRAP 93 (Mouvement contre le Racisme et pour l'Amitié entre les Peuples), opened a counselling centre for people who have been victims of racism and antisemitism. The counselling service is run by lawyers from MRAP 93 and offers victims a place to share their experiences and receive support. Services include listening, accurate recording of the facts and processing of applications.

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