Moving Cities
Partners & Contributors

Partners & Contributors

Who is behind Moving Cities?

The idea of the project was born in 2019 following the formation of a European network made up of about 20 initiatives under the umbrella of the Palermo Charter Platform. The following organisations are involved in the actual running of the project:


The initiative SEEBRÜCKE is coordinator of the project The Moving Cities Map. SEEBRÜCKE is an international movement, supported by several civil society alliances and people. From German and European policy makers, we demand the establishment of safe routes for refugees, to stop the criminalisation of sea rescue and to receive them in a humane way whilst respecting their rights.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung has been a project partner from the very beginning and contributes access to networks, knowledge and finances to the project. Based on the firm belief that social change requires a reflective confrontation with today's capitalist society as a whole, the foundation strives to develop and disseminate alternative concepts and approaches for social transformation, enabling the creation of a more united and fair society.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung

The Heinrich Böll Stiftung has been a project partner from the beginning and contributes access to network, knowledge and finances to the project. Fostering democracy and upholding human rights, taking action to prevent the destruction of the global ecosystem, advancing equality between women and men, securing peace through conflict prevention in crisis zones, and defending the freedom of individuals against excessive state and economic power – these are the objectives that drive the ideas and actions of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

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