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GrenoblePublic participation – Grenoble Solidarity Platform

What is inspiring?

The “Solidarity Platform” was established by the CCAS (Municipal Centre for Social Action) and provides a broad range of services for all (food, accommodation, health/hygiene, training, legal support, day centres, etc.). The “Plateforme Migrants” operates under the Solidarity Platform, and enables the coordination of volunteers helping migrants from Grenoble and neighbouring cities.


Centre Communal d'Action Sociale, CCAS (Community Centre for Social Action), Plateforme des Migrants


How does it operate?

In concrete terms, the platform collects and promotes the various offers of help from residents who are in touch with the CCAS and specific associations, and it is also possible to offer accommodation. Numerous local associations who work on behalf of migrants in the region are involved in the platform.

What is the outcome?

In the ten months following its inauguration, the platform collected 350 offers (of volunteer work, help with school, housing) and secured accommodation for about thirty people (“Organisation pour une Citoyenneté Universelle” / OCU).

What is new in 2023?

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, the city of Grenoble has set up another online platform in spring 2022 to centralise citizen initiatives in support of Ukrainian refugees.

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