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GdańskThe Immigrants’ Council of Gdansk

What is inspiring?

The Immigrants’ Council of Gdansk is the only city mayor’s advisory board in Poland that is made up of people with a migrant background. The role of the Immigrants’ Council is to advise the mayor and other local authorities on issues and policies related to migrant and refugee inclusion. Its other task is to validate the voice of new residents, to demonstrate the city’s openness and to provide a platform where foreigners can get to know long-term residents. The Council also collects and publicises positive stories about successful inclusion.


Rada Imigrantów i Imigrantek (Immigrants’ Council of Gdansk)


How does it operate?

The Council is made up of 16 people who are elected for two-year terms. People can apply to become a member of the Council themselves, although they have to present recommendations that confirm their involvement in community activities supporting integration and inclusion. In practice, the work of Council Members involves implementing the Immigration Integration Model (IIM). Their duties can include adjusting the participatory budget decisions to meet migrants’ needs, serving on competition committees, and promoting the IIM through media appearances and holding meetings with the different people responsible for integration policy decisions.

What is the outcome?

The Council’s main activities include regular meetings with district councils and consultation hours for residents of Gdansk at neighbourhood clubs and community centres. Here, members of the Council talk both about the problems immigrants face in Gdansk, and residents’ doubts and fears related to the increase of people from different countries and religions. These meetings give Council members an insight into the actual state of affairs as far as inclusion is concerned in specific neighbourhoods. The conclusions of these meetings are then presented to the mayor of Gdansk.

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