Inspiring Approaches

CádizIntercultural Inclusion

What is inspiring?

The city of Cádiz has focused on awareness-raising activities targeting the local population to create a culture of welcome. This approach is exemplary as it seeks to educate the public about the reality lived by refugees and migrants in a transit city such as Cádiz. It is particularly pertinent in a city that has been governed by consecutive conservative governments for over 20 years, and has only recently begun prioritizing migrant-related issues on its political agenda.


Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía (APDHA) Campaña ‘Que No te Confundan con los Discursos de Odio’ (Andalusian Association for Human Rights, APDHA, Campaign 'Don't be Confused with Hate Speech')


Who initiated the project? How?

In 2019 the #DoNotBeConfused campaign (#QueNoTeConfundan), launched by the Andalusian Association for Human Rights (Asociación Pro-Derechos Humanos de Andalucía / ADPHA) in Cádiz, set to work fighting hate speech in the city. It addresses the misinformation residents may receive from relatives, work colleagues, or on their cell phones denigrating ethnic and religious minorities, especially migrants. Its creators were motivated to start such a campaign after a far-right political party, in this case Vox, gained seats in Andalusia’s regional parliament.

How does it operate?

The campaign tackles widespread rumours about minority groups and debunks them by providing accurate information. Its first step was to develop a webpage and publish a leaflet with these rumours and the information refuting them. Exhibition panels with this information were also placed in schools, associations and selected public spaces with high visibility. The campaign also involves talks, videos and interactive panels. Members of the campaign also offer awareness-raising workshops where they speak with high school students. Anyone interested in the workshops can write to the campaign to arrange a visit.

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