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Halle (Saale)Service Centre for Integration and Democracy

What is inspiring?

The Service Centre for Integration and Democracy is an institutional reorganisation effort in order to foster social cohesion in the city of Halle, eliminate discrimination, and give equal access for all people to participate in public life. Migrants and refugees are welcomed as an asset to the local community, regardless of their origins and whether temporarily or permanently living in the city.


Service Centre for Integration and Democracy


Tel. +49 345 2214006

How does it operate?

The Service Centre for Integration and Democracy provides a common framework for civil society actors, such as migrant organisations and associations, the city administration, and different local authorities and offices. Its goal is to foster social cohesion by networking and connecting associations and offices offering different services (such as counselling, language courses, protection for victims of discrimination and xenophobia), as well as an active support of migrant organisations and the development of projects. These efforts are coordinated by the Halle Commissioner for Migration and Integration.

Who initiated the project? How?

The reorganisation efforts are part of a municipal plan to centralise and coordinate all activities surrounding the integration of migrants and refugees and their participation in sociocultural life.

What is the outcome?

The local civil society plays an essential role in upholding migrant rights against a possible political drift towards the extreme right. Thus, the implementation of institutional cooperation and support of civil society initiatives make refugee solidarity in the city of Halle more resilient to political shifts in government.

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