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MilanCollaborative systems for an inclusive labour market

What is inspiring?

Milan has been working hand in hand with a local network of small and medium enterprises, as well as with international companies. Under the umbrella of the “Employment Mediation Centre”, the city has set up a specialised team focusing on refugees and asylum seekers’ integration into the labour market in order to put an end to the exploitation of migrants and lay the foundations for their long-term inclusion. Centro Mediazione al Lavoro (CeLav) is an innovative service in the Italian context, as it does not pursue the traditional idea of giving assistance to the disadvantaged, but rather aims to make its beneficiaries as autonomous as possible. Guided by this principle, CeLav offers a variety of services aimed at fostering employability and that can be adjusted to participants’ individual needs.


Centro Mediazione al Lavoro - CeLav (Milan Employment Centre)

How does it operate?

The project often includes a traineeship, which allows participants to acquire or develop specific job-related skills. In this case, CeLav’s staff contacts companies that are interested in the service and have an available position and then pre-selects candidates. Traineeships typically last three months and can be renewed for another three months. During this period, participants receive a traineeship grant from the city. Once the traineeship is over, the trainee can then be taken on on the basis of a regular employment contract. There are also specialised opportunities for participants facing particular challenges such as long-term unemployment, addiction, criminal behaviour or refugee status.

What is the outcome?

As a result of the pilot project, the city of Milan expects both asylum seekers and employers to have better access to information about the employment process. As well as this, the aim is to enhance collaboration with relevant institutions, trade unions and the private sector, and the project has set a target of making at least 200 company-contacts. The project assists approximately 600 newcomers each year.

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