Inspiring Approaches

NaplesRoundtables for co-designing public policies – “I Tavoli”

What is inspiring?

During the city council’s first term in 2011, the city of Naples held a roundtable involving public bodies and third sector representatives in order to establish a basis for a shared and participatory policy on inclusion at the local level. Since then, the roundtable has become a successful way of facilitating a dialogue between citizens and the city administration. Ultimately, it has the aim of improving the work of the public sector, learning from the field work of NGOs and listening to the demands of and input from civil society.


Comune di Napoli Consulta comunale degli Immigrati (Immigrant Community Council)

How does the roundtable work?

The administration calls upon the “Tavoli” as needed, more or less monthly, to deal with issues related to areas such as migration or homelessness. To date, the “Tavoli” have followed the aim of improving coordination of local political efforts in relation to migration by bringing public sector measures in line with those taken by civil society.

What is the outcome?

Through the roundtables, especially the one for migration, the administration hears from civil society members present about specific incidents and problems that foreign citizens have encountered with the administration. Following a series of exchanges with local actors, the foreigners’ registration office was able to improve the services it provided and address some of its failings.

What is new in 2023?

Another positive result of these efforts is the establishment of the 'Immigrant Council' of the City of Naples in February 2021. After long and complex preparation and exchange work with the city council, another instrument of participation was created that enables the inclusion of migrants in Naples.

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