Inspiring Approaches

ValenciaThe “speak out loud against racism” project (“Xarxa Apuja el to contra el racisme”) – Working hand in hand with Valencia’s Education System

What is inspiring?

Valencia’s Speak Out Loud Against Racism Network is increasingly active in schools where its activists discuss migration, refugees and integration with primary and secondary school students.


Servicio de Cooperación al Desarrollo y Migración del Ayuntamiento de Valencia División de Convivencia Intercultural (Development Cooperation and Migration Service of the Valencia City Council Intercultural Community Division)


How does it operate?

The project takes an intercultural approach by introducing local school children to the city’s new languages and cultures. At the same time, the newcomers learn about local society. It includes workshops for both teachers and pupils and combats stereotypes through games, films, interactive music projects and by providing real facts and figures (countering the increasing amount of fake news) on migration and refugees.

What is the outcome?

The initiative is considered to be highly successful, with an increasing number of schools across Valencia joining the project.

Who initiated the project? How?

The project is the result of a joint collaboration agreement between the civil society initiatives MCI – “Moviment contra la Intolerància”, MPDL – “Moviment per la Pau”, València Acull, “Associació La Casa Gran”, primary, secondary, and vocational training schools, and the Valencia City Council.

All inspiring approaches