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Zaragoza“Casa de las culturas y la solidaridad” – Involving migrants in local inclusion policies

What is inspiring?

Founded in 1998, Zaragoza’s “Casa de las culturas” is a municipal amenity borne out of and managed by an alliance of social movements, NGOs and migrant organisations. All reception and inclusion schemes in Zaragoza have been developed in collaboration with civil society organisations and “casa de las culturas”, which is then also responsible for the running of these schemes. It has therefore become a key player in local inclusion politics.


Casa de las Culturas y la Solidaridad


How does it operate?

Trinidad Lacarra, a social worker at ‘Casa de las Culturas’ calls it a “pioneering service in Spain”. It is also an exclusively local resource that is financially independent from the Spanish government. Its services span social rights, interculturality and participation. There is a municipal employee responsible for each of the services provided, which are available to everyone in Zaragoza’s immigrant community.

How is the centre managed?

“‘Casa de las Culturas’ has a general management committee made up of representatives from various associations, organisations like Caritas and SOS Racismo, over 200 civil society organisations, the government of Aragón and as well as the city of Zaragoza.” (Interview, Trinidad Lacarra, 19th October 2020)

Who initiated the programme?

In 2015, “Casa de las culturas” officially became a municipal institution. Since then, it has been responsible for managing most of the city of Zaragoza’s solidarity initiatives.

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